[neutron] Implementing BGP over network:routed for IPv6 in Neutron, with DVR capabilities

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Fri Aug 14 14:23:44 UTC 2020


When these patches are approved:

we will effectively have BGP announcing for floating IPs and router
gateways, with a provider network as next BGP HOP. I tested in
experimentally, and it does work. There's more work to be done on it to
make it better (like, eliminating GARP requests and getting
neutron-dynamic-routing to know when a floating moves from one segment
to another), as seen in the commends of #669395, but it works.

Now, I'd like to have the same feature for IPv6. Having a segmented IPv6
L2 network already works, though isn't this always going through the
network nodes still?

I see no reason why IPv6 would always go through network nodes, and I
would like to eliminate this SPOF. Has anyone worked on this? Or is
there anyone with some advice on how to start? Is there some blueprints
somewhere? I'm not sure what this implies, and where to start my
research on this. But I really would love, moving forward, to have such
a feature.

Would anyone (try to) contribute this with me?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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