[cinder] driver features declaration for victoria next week

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 22:15:27 UTC 2020

Hello Cinder driver maintainers,

This is a reminder that new features added to Cinder drivers for the 
Victoria release must be merged at the time of the OpenStack-wide 
Feature Freeze, which is coming up soon (10 September, to be specific).

In order to avoid the Festival of Insane Driver Reviewing that we had 
last cycle, if you have un-merged driver features that you would like to 
land in Victoria, please post a blueprint in Launchpad listing the 
Gerrit reviews of the associated patches before the next Cinder weekly 
meeting (that is, before 19 August at 1400 UTC).  This will help the 
team prioritize reviews and give you candid early feedback on whether 
the features look ready.

You can look among the Ussuri blueprints for examples; contact me in IRC 
if you have any questions.

Due to the 7 September holiday in the USA, there will be reduced 
reviewing bandwidth right around the Feature Freeze, so that's why I'm 
asking you to plan ahead.


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