device compatibility interface for live migration with assigned devices

Jason Wang jasowang at
Thu Aug 13 04:24:50 UTC 2020

On 2020/8/10 下午3:46, Yan Zhao wrote:
>> driver is it handled by?
> It looks that the devlink is for network device specific, and in
> devlink.h, it says
> include/uapi/linux/devlink.h - Network physical device Netlink
> interface,

Actually not, I think there used to have some discussion last year and 
the conclusion is to remove this comment.

It supports IB and probably vDPA in the future.

>   I feel like it's not very appropriate for a GPU driver to use
> this interface. Is that right?

I think not though most of the users are switch or ethernet devices. It 
doesn't prevent you from inventing new abstractions.

Note that devlink is based on netlink, netlink has been widely used by 
various subsystems other than networking.


> Thanks
> Yan

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