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Fabian Zimmermann dev.faz at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 04:44:03 UTC 2020


would be great if you could share your script.


Arnaud Morin <arnaud.morin at gmail.com> schrieb am Do., 6. Aug. 2020, 16:11:

> Hey all,
> Thanks for your replies.
> About the fact that nova already implement this, I will try again on my
> side, but maybe it was not yet implemented in newton (I only tried nova
> on newton version). Thank you for bringing that to me.
> About the healhcheck already done on nova side (and also on neutron).
> As far as I understand, it's done using a specific rabbit queue, which
> can work while others queues are not working.
> The purpose of adding ping endpoint here is to be able to ping in all
> topics, not only those used for healthcheck reports.
> Also, as mentionned by Thierry, what we need is a way to externally
> do pings toward neutron agents and nova computes.
> The patch itself is not going to add any load on rabbit. It really
> depends on the way the operator will use it.
> On my side, I built a small external oslo.messaging script which I can
> use to do such pings.
> Cheers,
> --
> Arnaud Morin
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