[all][TC] OpenStack Client (OSC) vs python-*clients

Belmiro Moreira moreira.belmiro.email.lists at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 08:13:24 UTC 2020

during the last PTG the TC discussed the problem of supporting different
clients (OpenStack Client - OSC vs python-*clients) [1].
Currently, we don't have feature parity between the OSC and the

Different OpenStack projects invest in different clients.
This can be a huge problem for users/ops. Depending on the projects
deployed in their infrastructures, they need to use different clients for
different tasks.
It's confusing because of the partial implementation in the OSC.

There was also the proposal to enforce new functionality only in the SDK
(and optionally the OSC) and not the project’s specific clients to stop
increasing the disparity between the two.

We would like to understand first the problems and missing pieces that
projects are facing to move into OSC and help to overcome them.
Let us know.

on behalf of the TC

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