[cinder] Could you help me review the reimage feature?

Rambo lijie at unitedstack.com
Thu Aug 6 16:59:52 UTC 2020

        I have a spec which is support volume backed server rebuild[0].This spec was accepted in Stein, but some of the work did not finish, so repropose it for Victoria.  I sincerely wish this spec will approved in Victoria, so I make an exception for this, and the Nova team will approved this if the cinder reimage question is solved this week[1].  This spec is depend on the cinder reimage api [2], and the reimage api has a question. We just need to know if cinder are ok with the change in polling to event like the volume extend. More clearly, Cinder reimage should add a new 'volume-reimage' external event like the volume extend, so that nova can wait for cinder to complete the reimage[3].
       The Cinder code is[4], if you have some ideas, you can comments on it.Thank you very much!



Best Regards
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