[nova] Change Volume Type Properties

Marc Vorwerk openstack at gmx.net
Wed Aug 5 14:33:22 UTC 2020



I'm looking for a way to add the property volume_backend_name to an existing Volume Type which is in use.

If I try to change this, I got the following error:


root at control01rt:~# openstack volume type show test-type


| Field              | Value                                |


| access_project_ids | None                                 |

| description        | None                                 |

| id                 | 68febdad-e7b1-4d41-ba11-72d0e1a1cce0 |

| is_public          | True                                 |

| name               | test-type                            |

| properties         |                                      |

| qos_specs_id       | None                                 |


root at control01rt:~# openstack volume type set --property volume_backend_name=ceph test-type

Failed to set volume type property: Volume Type is currently in use. (HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-2b8f3829-5c16-42c3-ac57-01199688bd58)

Command Failed: One or more of the operations failed

root at control01rt:~#


Problem what I see is, that there are instances/volumes which use this volume type.


Have anybody an idea, how I can add the volume_backend_name property to the existing Volume Type?



thanks in advance!




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