[ceilometer][octavia] polling meters

Ionut Biru ionut at fleio.com
Fri Apr 24 09:25:56 UTC 2020

Hello guys,
I was trying to add in polling.yaml and pipeline from ceilometer the
   - network.services.lb.active.connections
      - network.services.lb.health_monitor
      - network.services.lb.incoming.bytes
      - network.services.lb.listener
      - network.services.lb.loadbalancer
      - network.services.lb.member
      - network.services.lb.outgoing.bytes
      - network.services.lb.pool
      - network.services.lb.total.connections

But it doesn't work, I think they are for the old lbs that were supported
in neutron.

I found
but this is not available in stein or train.

I was wondering if there is a way to meter loadbalancers from octavia.
I mostly want for start to just meter if a loadbalancer was deployed and
has status active.

Ionut Biru - https://fleio.com
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