[infra][qa][sigs][tc] Forming a Testing and Collaboration Tools (TaCT) SIG

Jay S. Bryant jungleboyj at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 23:42:42 UTC 2020

Sounds good, this is consistent with what the TC discussed.

Thanks Jeremy!

On 4/20/2020 3:58 PM, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> The Infrastructure team, and the CI team before it, has
> traditionally existed to care for the continuous integration and
> collaboration infrastructure on which the OpenStack community
> relies. With the rise of the OpenDev Collaboratory as a distinct
> effort outside of (but still primarily in service of) OpenStack, the
> majority of the team's former systems administration activities are
> no longer occurring under the authority of OpenStack. Most of the
> software and configuration management repositories previously in the
> care of the Infra team are also no longer official OpenStack
> deliverables, and have become part of OpenDev as well (and their
> biggest development effort, Zuul+Nodepool, was already spun out as
> an independent Open Infrastructure Project last year).
> With the above responsibilities moved elsewhere, the existence of a
> formal team is less of a necessity. What remains is a need to
> support OpenStack's project-specific testing and collaboration
> tooling and services, primarily job configuration and other things
> which shouldn't currently be generalized into components of the
> OpenDev Collaboratory. To this end, I propose the creation of a new
> Testing and Collaboration Tools (TaCT) SIG which would serve the
> role currently occupied by the OpenStack Infrastructure team. I'm
> open to alternative names, but employing the vague term
> "infrastructure" has perpetually confused newcomers to our
> community, so this seems like an opportunity for something less
> overloaded.
> The TaCT SIG would consist of the usual suspects: people who review
> OpenStack job configuration changes, people who dig into problems
> with test frameworks to unblock the integrated gate queue, people
> who figure out strange Python packaging related issues, people who
> help work out lapsed control of Launchpad admin groups... also,
> ideally, the person selected by the TC to serve as OpenStack's
> representative on the OpenDev Advisory Council would be heavily
> involved. Many of these activities are closely related to work the
> Quality Assurance team is doing, so hopefully folks who are active
> in QA will also participate in this SIG.
> What do you think? Does this satisfactorily capture the
> infrastructure needs of the OpenStack community, and could it serve
> as an alternative to the current Infrastructure team?

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