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Tue Apr 21 22:32:06 UTC 2020

Hi folks,
We are seeing some weird issues with multiple compute nodes and would appreciate your thoughts.
Background:We are on stable Queens.As part of an upgrade to accomodate 3X more servers, we decided to add three more compute nodes+ three more ICs for a total of 6 compute nodes and 6 ICs.As soon as we added these in preparation for the 3X increase in servers I am seeing weirdbehaviour. 
A general question to everyone:How many of you run your baremetal clouds with 5+ computes and ICs?Are things stable with the setup ?
Logs and Analysis:all compute and conductor services are up and running.
1) Baremetal node  c1bda753-d46c-4379-8d07-7787c2a4a7f2 mapped to sc-ironic08root at stg-cl1-dev-001:~# openstack hypervisor show  c1bda753-d46c-4379-8d07-7787c2a4a7f2 | grep ironic         |
| service_host         | sc-ironic08.nvc.nvidia.com
2)Mac address is 6c:b3:11:4f:8a:c0root at stg-cl1-dev-001:~# openstack baremetal port list --node c1bda753-d46c-4379-8d07-7787c2a4a7f2+--------------------------------------+-------------------+| UUID                                 | Address           |+--------------------------------------+-------------------+| a517fb41-f977-438d-8c0d-21046e2918d9 | 6c:b3:11:4f:8a:c0 |+--------------------------------------+-------------------+

2)Provisioning starts:
ironic06 receives the VIF update:  WHY ?2020-04-21 15:05:47.509 71431 INFO ironic.conductor.manager VIF 657fea31-3218-4f10-b6ad-8b6a0fa7bab8 successfully attached to node c1bda753-d46c-4379-8d07-7787c2a4a7f2
ironic08 (correct one) also receives updates.[root at sc-ironic08 master_images]# tail -f /var/log/ironic/ironic-conductor.log | grep c1bda753-d46c-4379-8d07-7787c2a4a7f22020-04-21 15:08:04.943 27542 INFO ironic.conductor.task_manager [req-259b0175-65bc-4707-8c88-a65189a29954 - - - - -] Node c1bda753-d46c-4379-8d07-7787c2a4a7f2 moved to provision state "deploying" from state "wait call-back"; target provision state is "active"

For now we have backed down to 3 and are stable again but I would really like to overprovision our computes and conductors if possible.
Please let me know your thoughts and if anything rings a bell.

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