[neutron] Neutron Bug Deputy Report Apr. 13-21

Ryan Tidwell tidwellrdev at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 18:43:06 UTC 2020

Hello Neutron Team,

This is my bug deputy report for the previous week. It was an active week
of bug reports, here are the highlights:


Neutron ports dns_assignment does not match the designate DNS records for
Neutron port

  - This could use some follow-up from someone who is acquainted with the
neutron-designate integration


The firewall group's status is active when firewall group has no any policy

  - Could simply be a misunderstanding by the user, some clarification by
someone with more FWaaS expertise would be helpful.

The firewall group's function is failed in the dvr scene.

  - On the surface this looks like a DVR-related error. Need more info from
the user to be able to debug further.


Internal IP leak to physical interface from qrouter in DVR mode

  - RST packets seem to not get NAT'ed properly, needs some investigation
to understand why.

Can not use vrrp in a dvr openstack environment

  - The reporter references https://review.opendev.org/#/c/716302/, I have
posted a follow-up question for clarity.

Floating IP was not removed from the router when the port forwarding
deletion was completed

  - This had some initial triage, an effort has been made to reproduce the
issue without success

CI Issues:

[stable/stein] Neutron-tempest-plugin jobs are failing due to wrong python

  - https://review.opendev.org/721277

OVN Bugs Filed:

[OVN] External ports creation is not account for VNIC_DIRECT_PHYSICAL

  - This appears to have an owner

Misc. Bugs

VM can't be accessed, openflow rules are removed and neutron-ovs-agent is
always reporting errors after rabbitmq is in split-brain state

  - Things get into a weird state when rabbitmq gets into a split-brain
scenario. Lots of discussion happening in the bug report.

vpnaas pluto.pid file path wrong

Failing to terminate Windows processes

  - Fix proposed here: https://review.opendev.org/719765

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