[ops] RabbitMQ Config suggestions for > 100 nodes?

Fabian Zimmermann dev.faz at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 07:02:20 UTC 2020


we run some openstack clusters and currently see issues with a lot
connections in rabbitmq. So I would like to ask if someone here has some
knowhow about running openstack on >100 nodes he is able to share.

Our setup:
* 3 Nodes Control-Plane
* RabbitMQ Cluster with "sync_mode: all" (had issues during node-failure in
the past without this)
* transport_url contains all 3 nodes

Most of the connections are neutron-based. We already played a bit with
max_pool and max_pool_overload, but didnt change anything.

As next try I would add some haproxy-lb and change the transport_url to the
VIP, this should afaik reduce the amount of connections to 1/3, but I
dont know if there are any drawbacks jet.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot,

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