[goals][Drop Python 2.7 Support][storlets] Request to hold on dropping python2.7 support in Storlets

Takashi Kajinami tkajinam at redhat.com
Wed Apr 15 07:30:08 UTC 2020


Sorry to be late to raise this up, but I'd like to request to postpone
completion of "Dropping Python2.7 Support" work in Storlets during this

Storlets is heavily dependent on swift and swift won't drop python 2.7
support during this cycle.
This means that we still expect some users who want to run storlets with
their swift
running on python2 during Ussuri.

Currently we've completed all python3 compatibility work, and py2 tests are
already dropped.
However we would like to postpone marking storlets as python3 only
(and dropping all py2-3 compatibility codes)
so that we don't prohibit users from using it in swift with python2.

See the following patch to remove python3 only mark at the moment.
(It was initially added, but we want to revert it)
 [1] https://review.opendev.org/#/c/720131/2

Thank you,
Takashi Kajinami
Senior Software Maintenance Engineer
Customer Experience and Engagement
Red Hat
e-mail: tkajinam at redhat.com
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