[TripleO][Ironic] pxe boot remote host

Ruslanas Gžibovskis ruslanas at lpic.lt
Sun Apr 12 19:39:43 UTC 2020

Hi all,

Could someone help me, I do not get, I try to boot remote host (behind
Firewall). I have dhcp-relay configured. And finally, I see the DHCP
request, but nothing else happens... except me crying ;'( "D

DHCP request captured on undercloud vnet5 where dhcp is listening also on
eth1, But I am not able to load a remote host. I had a thought, maybe DHCP
is generally not working, but one node which is local, I am able to
introspect and provide it.
completely nothing in /var/log/containers/ironic-inspector/dnsmasq.log

Any suggestions?

My network, which I used and have configured on undercloud host is: and IP for DHCP which is configured as dhcp relay is 94.

output from tcpdump:
21:19:00.058565 40:a6:77:4b:07:cb > 52:54:00:20:c1:dc, ethertype IPv4
(0x0800), length 590: (tos 0x0, ttl 58, id 60458, offset 0, flags [none],
proto UDP (17), length 576) > [udp sum ok] BOOTP/DHCP, Request
from 24:6e:96:14:a1:a4, length 548, hops 1, xid 0x9614a1a4, secs 12, Flags
[Broadcast] (0x8000)
 Client-Ethernet-Address 24:6e:96:14:a1:a4
 Vendor-rfc1048 Extensions
   Magic Cookie 0x63825363
   DHCP-Message Option 53, length 1: Discover
   Parameter-Request Option 55, length 36:
     Subnet-Mask, Time-Zone, Default-Gateway, Time-Server
     IEN-Name-Server, Domain-Name-Server, RL, Hostname
     BS, Domain-Name, SS, RP
     EP, RSZ, TTL, BR
     YD, YS, NTP, Vendor-Option
     Requested-IP, Lease-Time, Server-ID, RN
     RB, Vendor-Class, TFTP, BF
     Option 128, Option 129, Option 130, Option 131
     Option 132, Option 133, Option 134, Option 135
   MSZ Option 57, length 2: 1260
   GUID Option 97, length 17:
   ARCH Option 93, length 2: 0
   NDI Option 94, length 3: 1.2.1
   Vendor-Class Option 60, length 32: "PXEClient:Arch:00000:UNDI:002001"

Ruslanas Gžibovskis
+370 6030 7030
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