[cinder][ops][extended-maintenance-sig][public-cloud-sig][enterprise-wg] Cinder to EOL some branches

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Fri Apr 10 19:37:31 UTC 2020

>> I had a quick check and it seems that the CI on driverfixes/* branches
>> are not in a good shape for some time. Those branches:
>> - don't have periodic jobs, so we can't see how long they are in this
>> faulty state
>> - the test jobs are very limited
>> - as I see there aren't really arriving patches lately (actually one
>> arrived in newton ~2 months ago)
>> I can try to search for solutions there to fix the gate, but maybe the
>> activity there is less than ocata and pike and if there aren't others
>> who are interested in driverfixes/* branches then maybe those reached
>> the state to move them to EOL.
> I agree with your analysis of the state of the driverfixes branches.
> Would you be interested in getting driverfixes/newton in working
> order, or are you only interested in us keeping stable/o and /p open?
> To be clear, the current idea is:
> - EOL driverfixes/mitaka and driverfixes/newton
> - leave stable/ocata and stable/pike in EM mode
Very late follow up to this...

We had attempted to perform this EOL of the driverfixes branches, but
since those series are closed, plus more recent changes to enforce other
expected formats for tagging, we were not able to use our automation
like we normally do for that step.

I have now manually pushed mitaka-driverfixes-eol and
newton-driverfixes-eol tags.

Our next step is to delete those branches so no further patches can be
proposed. We will need to enlist the infra/OpenDev teams help for that step.


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