Etherpad and Gerrit maintenance on 2020-04-10

James E. Blair corvus at
Thu Apr 9 23:25:27 UTC 2020


Tomorrow, April 10, 2020, the OpenDev team will be performing minor
updates to two services.

* Gerrit restart for at 16:00 UTC.

  This should be a momentary outage to restart the service in a
  We will maintain the same version in the same configuration; this is a
  preparatory step in order to perform future version upgrades more

  Other than a short outage of about a minute, there should be no
  service impact or visible changes, but since the environment is
  changing, we wanted to announce this in case any problems are

* Etherpad migration and domain change at 17:00 UTC.

  We will migrate the data currently hosted on to
  a new server, also running in a container, on

  We will set up redirects so that on completion of the migration, all URLs will redirect to the same pages on will become the
  new canonical service URL.

  This also includes an upgrade to the latest release of Etherpad Lite

  This involves a database migration as well.  The service will be
  unavailable for the duration of this migration (expected to be about
  30 minutes).

Please report any issues in #opendev on Freenode or to the
service-discuss at mailing list.

Note that this message is being sent to service-announce and several
other lists.  Future announcements of this type will only be sent to
service-announce, so please sign up[1] for that list if you haven't



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