[cinder] feature freeze and FFEs

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 20:38:37 UTC 2020

I wasn't paying close enough attention to the "real life" calendar, and 
did not realize that we would be so short-handed on reviewers around the 
Feature Freeze, with a lot of people unavailable.  So, I am granting 
Feature Freeze Exceptions to the following.  To make it into Ussuri, 
these should be merged by noon UTC on Friday 17 April.

- looks good, but I really want to allow time for one of our
   A/A HA experts to take a final look

- this may need a minor revision, but otherwise looks OK

- some questions have come up about testing this one.  We should
   decide by mid-week whether it still looks good for Ussuri or not.

- this patch includes adding support for some new functionality and
   hence is subject to the feature freeze; needs a minor revision
   and release note; third-party CI appears functional.  Problems
   need to be addressed very early next week, or this may wind up
   slipping to Victoria.

The following blueprint contains multiple patches that have all been 
approved.  Two haven't been able to merge; they require a rebase and 
conflict resolution.  I expect that they will all merge early next week, 
but technically they require an FFE (which is granted).


The following blueprints are not yet marked 'Implemented', but the 
outstanding work is not subject to the feature freeze (mostly 
verification of stable third-party CI and then marking drivers as 
'supported' or 'unsupported', which by Cinder policy must be done by 
RC-1).  I just want to mention them so no one freaks out about not 
having an FFE.  (You don't need one.)


If I missed anything, please apply for a FFE by the usual method, that 
is, an email with the subject '[cinder] FFE request' before 18:00 UTC on 
Tuesday 14 April.

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