[tc][oslo] Looking for a Victoria Oslo PTL volunteer

Ben Nemec openstack at nemebean.com
Wed Apr 8 15:46:55 UTC 2020

I've had a few discussions about this over the past couple of weeks as 
it became clear that everyone who was a likely PTL candidate had 
roadblocks. Under the circumstances, my manager is okay with me 
continuing for now.

As discussed in the Oslo meeting this week, I'll likely be even more 
aggressive about delegation than I was before, but I'll at least be 
around as a point of contact for everyone. If/when things calm down a 
bit, we may look at doing a mid-cycle handoff of the PTL position. We'll 
see how things go over the next few months.

I will also mention that we recently updated the oslo-coresec team and 
as Herve noted, we're covered on the release side as well. About all 
that's actually left for the PTL to do is play traffic cop and direct 
questions where they need to go. ;-)

On 4/7/20 4:27 AM, Thierry Carrez wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Nobody stepped up yet to continue the great work of Ben Nemec as PTL of 
> the Oslo project team. Oslo handles common code between our various 
> projects, and is key to reduce duplication of code and waste of effort. 
> Oslo is very critical for OpenStack, as all other projects depend on its 
> libraries, but can be relatively low-maintenance as most libraries are 
> feature-complete.
> Being the Oslo PTL gives you a great horizontal perspective on 
> OpenStack, so they are a great opportunity for smaller organizations 
> that depend on OpenStack to keep track of what's happening and 
> contribute back, without having to specialize in one of the larger 
> projects.
> I suspect Ben can help answer any question on the workload it represents 
> to be the Oslo PTL.
> Getting a new volunteer for Oslo PTL is our preferred solution. In case 
> the PTL position is just too intimidating and nobody volunteers, the TC 
> is considering experimenting with a PTL-less form of governance that 
> would involve only designating two liaisons (a release liaison(s) and a 
> security liaison(s)). That is the minimal accountability that we require 
> of an openstack project team (someone(s) signing off releases, and 
> someone(s) to contact in case of embargoed vulnerabilities). I say 
> "someone(s)" as ideally multiple people sign up to be a liaison. In that 
> form of governance, if there is any conflict in the team, the TC can 
> ultimately arbitrate the conflict, instead of the PTL.
> That would be our plan B. So please let us know if you'd be interested 
> in the Oslo PTL position, or if you'd be OK just for filling the duties 
> of a specific liaison.
> Thanks for considering it!

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