[tc] [ironic] Promoting ironic to a top-level opendev project?

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Tue Apr 7 13:02:59 UTC 2020

> Practical exercise: find ironic on openstack.org. The best path
> involves two clicks and you only land on a component page[1] without
> much explanations. Or you reach https://www.openstack.org/bare-metal/
> which is great, but more about the use case than the software. We are
> collectively to blame for this. The data on that component page is
> maintained by a repo[2] that I issued multiple calls for help for, and
> yet there aren't many changes proposed to expand the information
> presented there. And having a mix of a Foundation and a product
> website coexist at openstack.org means the information is buried so
> deeply someone born in this century would likely never find it.
> I think we need to improve on that, but it takes time due to how
> search engines work. I may sound like a broken record, but the
> solution in my opinion is to have basic, component-specific websites
> for components that can be run standalone. Think ironic.io (except .io
> domains are horrible and it's already taken). A website that would
> solely be dedicated to presenting Ironic, and would only mention
> OpenStack in the fineprint, or as a possible integration. It would
> list Ironic releases outside of openstack cycle context, and display
> Ironic docs without the openstack branding.
> That would go further to solve the issue than any governance change
> IMHO. Thoughts?
> [1] https://www.openstack.org/software/releases/train/components/ironic
> [2] https://opendev.org/osf/openstack-map/
I wonder if it could help if we have something like:

used_independently: true


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