[tc][election] campaign discussion: what we can improve in TC & how?

Graham Hayes gr at ham.ie
Mon Apr 6 19:55:54 UTC 2020

On 05/04/2020 01:52, Ghanshyam Mann wrote:
> As we are in the campaigning phase of the TC election, where we
> start the debate on few topics. This is one of the topics where I would like
> to start the debate.
> First off, I'd like to thank all the candidates for showing interest to
> be part of or continuing as TC.
> What you think we should and must improve in TC ? This can be
> the involvement of TC in the process from the governance point of view or technical
> help for each project. Few of the question is below but feel free to add your improvement
> points.
> - Do we have too much restriction on project sides and not giving them a free hand? If yes, what
> we can improve and how?

Controversial, but I think we did give too much freedom, but the cat is 
out of the bag now, and it is never going back in.

If we look at the discussions recently about what projects don't like
they are things that unfortunately impact on users, and give the
impression that OpenStack is more disjointed than it really is.

Would I love to have a unified CLI that didn't need a decoder ring?[1]
100% Yes.

Do I understand why projects push back on using it?

Yes (and I once pushed back against the project I was working on using
it for other reasons.)

Where we are now, we don't have the developers to massive restructure
all of OpenStack inside a 6 month release, so we need to find balances
and I think this is where the TC can add value, and help push the
community and project forward.

> - Is there less interaction from TC with projects? I am sure few projects/members even
> do not know even what TC is for? What's your idea to solve this.

Yes, but I think that is a sign of the times. We have less rapid
evolution in the projects that causes the TC to help out, which drops

Worryingly, I think we are also seeing projects slowing down interaction
with the community as a whole - we are in a weird situation globally, so
that could have caused it, but if we look at the amount of projects
that missed the deadline for PTL nominations, it shows a worrying trend.

> -gmann

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