[tc][election] Simple question for the TC candidates

Graham Hayes gr at ham.ie
Mon Apr 6 19:35:48 UTC 2020

On 02/04/2020 11:26, Jean-Philippe Evrard wrote:
> Hello,
> I read your nominations, and as usual I will ask what do you
> _technically_ will do during your mandate, what do you _actively_ want
> to change in OpenStack?
> This can be a change in governance, in the projects, in the current
> structure... it can be really anything. I am just hoping to see
> practical OpenStack-wide changes here. It doesn't need to be a fully
> refined idea, but something that can be worked upon.
> Thanks for your time.
> Regards,
> Jean-Philippe Evrard

I think modernizing some of our tooling and practices is important.
Helping projects by looking at how we send data around OpenStack, and
what transport layers we use is important, along side updating things
like metrics and tracing to more up to date standards.[1]

I think the ideas repo is a good place for people to put up basic
outlines for this [2].

In short, some of the ideas bouncing around my head for this:

- consolidate agents on nodes
- see how we can leverage HTTP / gRPC / random point to point standard
   for control plane  -> node (both hypervisor and VM) communications
- OpenTracing
- Metrics

I know I will be lucky to get one of these complete in my term, but
getting the ground work in place for even one or two of these would be

On top of that - I think that something like Project Teapot [3] has a
real future, and is something we should pursue. (disclosure: I was one
of the people who was there for the initial formation of the idea, so
I do have a bias).

1 - Yes, I know people have issues with prometheus, and how it
     works, but for better or worse, in the new era, it is a standard of
2 - Everyone doesn't have to do a Zane on it and upload 1400 lines :)
3 - https://governance.openstack.org/ideas/ideas/teapot/index.html

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