New OpenDev Communication Channels

Clark Boylan cboylan at
Mon Apr 6 17:49:16 UTC 2020

Hello All,

Recently, we've transitioned to using #opendev on Freenode for our synchronous IRC communications.  Since then we've spun up a new service-discuss at mailing list [1] where we'll plan changes to services, notify of meetings, answer questions about services and usage, and otherwise communicate about OpenDev.  service-announce at [2] will remain for important announcements.  If you're interested in the developer infrastructure we run please join us on these mailing lists.

We encourage every developer to at least subscribe to the service-announce[2] list.  It will be very low traffic, and used only for important announcements with wide impact.

We are also going to start having our weekly team meeting in #opendev-meeting.  The time will continue to be 19:00 UTC Tuesdays.

See you there,


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