[tc][election] Simple question for the TC candidates

Jean-Philippe Evrard jean-philippe at evrard.me
Mon Apr 6 07:45:47 UTC 2020

On Sun, 2020-04-05 at 20:27 +0000, Nikolla, Kristi wrote:
> The first, is making sure that OpenStack is approachable to new
> contributors. This includes more documentation related community
> goals, which I consider especially important when a lot of people
> that have been here forever start to move on to new ventures, taking
> with them a lot of tribal and undocumented knowledge. We have to
> start being able to do more with less.

I think this maps very well with Kendall's efforts :)
What do you particularily have in mind?

> The second, is investigating avenues for better integration with
> other open source communities and projects. It's very likely that
> OpenStack is only one of the many tools in an operators toolbox (eg.,
> we're also running OpenShift, and our own bare metal provisioner.)
> Once we have acknowledged those integration points, we can start
> documenting, testing and developing with those in mind as well. The
> end result will be that deployers can pick OpenStack, or a specific
> set of OpenStack components and know that what they are trying to do
> is possible, is tested and is reproducible.

Does that mean you want to introduce a sample configuration to deploy
OpenShift on top of OpenStack and do conformance testing, in our jobs?
Or did I get that wrong? Please note the CI topic maps with other
candidates' efforts, so I already see future collaboration happening.

I am glad to have asked my questions :)


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