choosing object storage

Mark Kirkwood mark.kirkwood at
Mon Apr 6 06:47:36 UTC 2020

There are a number of considerations (disclaimer we run Ceph block and 
Swift object storage):

Purely on a level of simplicity, Swift is easier to set up.

However, if you are already using Ceph for block storage then it makes 
sense to keep using it for object too (since you are likely to be expert 
at Ceph at this point).

On the other hand, if you have multiple Ceph clusters and want a geo 
replicated object storage solution, then doing this with Swift is much 
easier than with Ceph (geo replicated RGW still looks to be real complex 
to set up - a long page of archane commands).

Finally (this is my 'big deal point'). I'd like my block and object 
storage to be completely independent - suppose a situation nukes my 
block storage (Ceph) - if my object storage is Swift then people's 
backups etc are still viable and when the Ceph cluster is rebuilt we can 
restore and continue. On the other hand If your object storage is Ceph 
too then....



On 4/04/20 2:47 pm, Tessa Plum wrote:

> greetings,
> What object storage system to choose for integration with openstack 
> environment? ceph or swift?
> Thank you.

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