[tc][election] campaign discussion: how TC can solve the less contributor issue?

Radosław Piliszek radoslaw.piliszek at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 20:07:53 UTC 2020

Hello Ghanshyam,

> To develop or maintain any software, the very first thing we need is
> to have enough developer resources. Without enough developers (either
> open or closed source), none of the software can survive.
> OpenStack current situation on contributors is not the same as it was
> few years back.  Almost every project is facing the less contributor
> issue as compare to requirements and incoming requests. Few projects
> already dead or going to be if we do not solve the less contributors
> issue now.
> I know, TC is not directly responsible to solve this issue but we
> should do something or at least find the way who can solve this.
> What do you think about what role TC can play to solve this?
> What platform or entity can be used by TC to raise this issue?
> or any new crazy Idea?

I believe this is well beyond my area of expertise and you might have
already answered yourself in that this is well beyond what TC could
realistically do. ;-) On the other hand, the points I discuss in the
other threads may contribute to change in perception of OpenStack as
a whole and make it easier to find eager contributors.

Another fact is this should be really considered per-project.
The core projects are churning well, then non-core not-so-much.

Yet another thing to notice here is that human success of OpenStack
depends A LOT on human success of OpenDev. Despite the split, TC
should keep a close eye on OpenDev progression.


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