[tc][election] Simple question for the TC candidates

Radosław Piliszek radoslaw.piliszek at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 20:06:45 UTC 2020

Hello Jean-Philippe,

> what do you _technically_ will do during your mandate, what do you
> _actively_ want to change in OpenStack?
> This can be a change in governance, in the projects, in the current
> structure... it can be really anything. I am just hoping to see
> practical OpenStack-wide changes here. It doesn't need to be a fully
> refined idea, but something that can be worked upon.

I feel I answered this, at least partially, in my nomination notice.
I will try to expand it:

My opinion is we need to invest more in delivery of OpenStack
deliverables (pun was not avoidable). I want to design and coordinate
efforts around usage of deployment-ready prebuilt images so that they
can be used both for CI to avoid lengthy, repeatable processes and
for friendlier end-user consumption. I am thinking something Kolla-esque
as LOCI does not seem that alive nowadays (and does not seem to be
getting that much level of testing Kolla has from Kolla Ansible and
TripleO as both deployment projects consume Kolla images). The final
idea has not fully crystallized yet. Another point for design around
Kolla is that it provides both pre-requisites for OpenStack projects
(think MariaDB, RabbitMQ) and services that work with OpenStack projects
to deliver more value (e.g. collectd, Prometheus).

On that matter, since Ironic plans of independence (more on that in
a separate message of mine) have stirred such a lively discussion,
I think my idea aligns with standalone goals of such projects.
It would be easy to design deployment scenarios of subsets of OpenStack
projects that work together to achieve some cloud-imagined goal other
than plain IaaS. Want some baremetal provisioning? Here you go.
Need a safe place for credentials? Be my guest!

Since "kolla" is Greek for glue, I plan to use this wording for
marketing of "gluing" the community around OpenStack projects.


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