[OpenStack-I18n] [I18n][PTL][election] Nominations were over - no PTL candidacy

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Fri Apr 3 08:58:25 UTC 2020

Akihiro Motoki wrote:
> [...]
> I wonder what will change if we move to SIG.
> That's a big question which hits me. We need to clarify what are the
> scope of the i18n team (or SIG).

The main difference between a SIG and a Project Team is that SIGs have 
less constraints. Project Teams are typically used to produce a part of 
the OpenStack release, and so we require some level of accountability 
(know who is empowered to sign off releases, know how to contact for 
embargoed security issues). That is why we currently require that a PTL 
is determined every 6 months.

SIGs on the other hand are just a group of people sharing a common 
interest. There might be group leads, but no real need for a final call 
to be made. It's just a way to pool resources toward a common goal.

Historically we've considered translations as a "part" of the openstack 
release, and so I18n is currently a project team. That said, I18n is 
arguably a special interest, it does not really need PTLs to be 
designated, and the release is OK even if some translations are not 
complete. It's a 'best effort' work, so it does not require the heavy 
type of accountability that we require from project teams.

So in summary: making I18n a SIG would remove the need to designate a 
PTL every 6 months, and just continue work as usual.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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