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Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Wed Apr 1 13:32:35 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

As you know, for practical and "code marketing" reasons, we maintain 
mirrors of the opendev.org/openstack repositories on GitHub:


A few months ago jroll and I took on the task of maintaining the 
"openstack" organization on GitHub... In particular pushing "moved" 
final commits to repositories that are now maintained elsewhere on 
Opendev, and marking them retired.

It's all a bit of a challenge. GitHub does not let you set the "mirror" 
flag by API (you have to ask GitHub support to manually do it, and they 
don't like it when you ask for it to be set on 1,831 repositories). The 
"pinned repositories" UI fails miserably and does not let us select 
"Nova" (again, probably too many repositories, GitHub support does not 
have a solution for us). There are limited opportunities to describe the 
fact that we actually only use GitHub as a mirror, leading to confusion.

For inactive repositories (no longer under OpenStack governance), the 
situation is even more confusing. Some are noted "MOVED" or "RETIRED" in 
their description, some have a closing commit (some others don't), some 
have the "archived" flag. Some don't have anything and appear active 
while they are not (see attached CSV for those who like data). There is 
also the openstack-dev and openstack-attic organizations, which are 
leftovers from ancient times. In summary, for a "code marketing" 
opportunity, it does not paint a great picture.

I'd like to make the following suggestion:

- aggressively delete all non-openstack things from the openstack org, 
keeping only official, active repositories
- delete the openstack-dev and openstack-attic organizations

We shied away from doing that in the past, mostly to not break people 
who may have cloned those repositories... But I think the benefits of 
cleaning up now outweigh the drawbacks. The reference code always exists 
at opendev.org anyway. Also maybe once we are back to a more reasonable 
number of visible repositories, the pins UI will work again. And GitHub 
will actually be OK with setting the mirror flag.

Thoughts, comments ?

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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