[ptg][neutron] Onboarding during the PTG

Slawek Kaplonski skaplons at redhat.com
Thu Oct 31 22:34:51 UTC 2019

Hi all new (and existing) Neutrinos,

During the PTG in Shanghai we are planning to organize onboarding session.
It will take place on Wednesday in morning sessions.
It is planned to be started at 9:00 am and finished just before the lunch
on 12:30. See on [1] for details.
All people who wants to learn about Neutron and contribution to it are welcome
on this session.
Also all existing team members are welcome to be there to show to new
contributors and help them with onboarding process :)

See You all in Shanghai!

[1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Shanghai-Neutron-Planning

Slawek Kaplonski
Senior software engineer
Red Hat

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