State of the Gate

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at
Thu Oct 31 15:23:01 UTC 2019

Things are great! Surprise! I just wanted to let everyone know. Later!
Now that you've been tricked, on Halloween no less, I'm here to tell you 
that things suck right now. This is your periodic digest of issues. Grab 
some fun-sized candy bars and read on.

I think right now we have three major issues.


This has resurfaced and I'm not sure why, nor do I think we ever had a 
great handle on what is causing this or how to work around it so if 
anyone has new ideas please chip in.


I've done some digging into this one and my notes are in the bug report. 
It mostly affects grenade jobs but is not entirely restricted to grenade 
jobs. It's also mostly on OVH and FortNebula nodes but not totally.

 From looking at the mysql logs in the grenade jobs, mysqld is 
(re)started three times. I think (1) for initial package install, (2) 
for stacking devstack on the old side, and (3) for stacking devstack on 
the new side. After the last restart, there are a lot of aborted 
connection messages in the msyql error log. It's around then that 
grenade is running post-upgrade smoke tests to create a server and the 
nova-scheduler times out communicating with the nova_cell1 database.

I have a few patches up to grenade/devstack [1] to try some things and 
get more msyql logs but so far they aren't really helpful. We need 
someone with some more mysql debugging experience to help here, maybe 
zzzeek or mordred?

3. CirrOS guest SSH issues

There are several (some might be duplicates): (most hits)

A few notes here.

a) We're still using CirrOS 0.4.0 since Stein:

And that image was published nearly 2 years ago and there are no newer 
versions on the CirrOS download site so we can't try a newer image to 
see if that fixes things.

b) Some of the issues above are related to running out of disk in the 
guest. I'm not sure what is causing that, but I have posted a devstack 
patch that is related:

tl;dr before Stein the tempest flavors we used had disk=0 so nova would 
fit the root disk to the size of the image. Since Stein the tempest 
flavors specify root disk size (1GiB for the CirrOS images). My patch 
pads an extra 1GiB to the root disk on the tempest flavors. One side 
effect of that is the volumes tempest creates will go from 1GiB to 2GiB 
which could be a problem if a lot of tempest volume tests run at the 
same time, though we do have a volume group size of 24GB in gate runs so 
I think we're OK for now. I'm not sure my patch would help, but it's an 

As for the other key generation and dhcp lease failures, I don't know 
what to do about those. We need more eyes on these issues to generate 
some ideas or see if we're doing something wrong in our tests, e.g. 
generating too much data for the config drive? Not using config drive in 
some cases? Metadata API server is too slow (note we cache the metadata 
since [2])? Other ideas on injecting logs for debug?





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