[scientific-sig] OpenStack maintenance planning

Sebastian Luna Valero sebastian.luna.valero at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 07:25:41 UTC 2019

Hi All,

At our Institute we have secured funding to buy a small infrastructure. We
have surveyed the computational requirements of researchers and we came to
the conclusion that we need to deploy OpenStack on-prem.

No one at our Institute has worked with OpenStack before so there is no
local expertise. I have been looking around at the available options. Given
the complexity of OpenStack and the tight time-frame that we have to get
the infrastructure up and running, we would like to go with one of the
OpenStack distributions offered by vendors to minimize the time it takes to
go into production.

Over the initial period, we would need to learn from the vendor how to
operate and troubleshoot OpenStack properly, but in the long run we would
like to be autonomous. On the other hand, funding in academia is complex
and there is no guarantee that we'll be successful in all future funding

So in the scenario where we start off with an OpenStack distribution
offered by a vendor, and 3 years down the line we run out of budget, can we
continue operating/upgrading our OpenStack deployment without issues?

Best regards,
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