Re: [tc][all][goal]: Ussuri community goal candidate 3: 'Consistent and secure default policies'

Colleen Murphy colleen at
Tue Oct 29 23:53:19 UTC 2019

On Tue, Oct 22, 2019, at 09:50, Ghanshyam Mann wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> This is 3rd proposal candidate for the Ussuri cycle community-wide 
> goal. The other two are [1].
> Colleen proposed this idea for the Ussuri cycle community goal. 
> Projects implemented/plan to implement this:
> *Keystone already implemented this with all necessary support in 
> oslo.policy with nice documentation. 
> * We discussed this in nova train PTG to implement it in nova [2]. Nova 
> spec was merged in Train but
>    could not implement. I have re-proposed the spec for the Ussuri 
> cycle [3].  
> This is nice idea as a goal from the user perspective. Colleen has less 
> bandwidth to drive this goal alone. 
> We are looking for a champion or co-champions (1-2 people will be much 
> better) this goal along with Colleen.
> Also, let us know what do you think of this as a community goal? Any 
> query or Improvement Feedback?


It's possible that this won't work very well as a community goal. This migration took the keystone team about two cycles to implement, not including all the planning and foundational work that needed to happen first. In our virtual PTG meeting today we discussed the possibility of instead forming a pop-up team around this work so that a group of individuals (across several teams, not just the keystone team) could target the largest projects and make more of a dent in the work over a couple of cycles before using the community goal model to close the gaps in the smaller or more peripheral projects. However, we will still need to get buy-in from the projects so that we can be sure that the work the pop-up team does gets prioritized and reviewed.

I've drafted a set of steps that we'd expect projects to follow to get this done:

And we're holding a forum session on it next week:


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