Important Shanghai PTG Information

Colleen Murphy colleen at
Tue Oct 29 00:11:29 UTC 2019

On Wed, Oct 9, 2019, at 10:06, Kendall Waters wrote:


> Flipcharts
> While we won’t have projection available, we will have some flipcharts 
> around. Each dedicated room will have one flipchart and the big main 
> room will have a few to share. Please feel free to grab one when you 
> need it, but put it back when you are finished so that others can use 
> it if they need. Again, sharing is caring! :) 
> Onboarding
> A lot of the usual PTG attendees won’t be able to attend this event, 
> but we will also have a lot of new faces. With this in mind, we have 
> decided to add project onboarding to the PTG so that the new 
> contributors can get up to speed with the projects meeting that week. 
> The teams gathering that will be doing onboarding will have that 
> denoted on the print and digital schedule on site. They have also been 
> encouraged to promote when they will be doing their onboarding via the 
> PTGBot and on the mailing lists. 

It occurred to me that with the onboarding sessions happening during the PTG and the PTG not having projectors that means the onboarding sessions won't have projectors either...which kinda sucks. Is there anyway around this?


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