[all][tc] Planning for dropping the Python2 support in OpenStack

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Thu Oct 24 21:57:55 UTC 2019

On 2019-10-24 14:32:03 -0500 (-0500), Ghanshyam Mann wrote:
> - Projects can start dropping the py2.7 support. Common lib and
> testing tools need to wait until milestone-2.

This doesn't match the intent behind what I originally suggested nor
my subsequent interpretation of what we discussed, and unfortunately
the plan on the etherpad is slightly vague here too. I thought what
we were agreeing to was that leaf projects (services and the like)
had *until* milestone 1 (~2019-12-12) to remove Python 2.7 testing
if they depend on shared libraries which are planning to remove
support for it in Ussuri. From then until milestone 2 (~2020-02-13)
shared libraries could work on dropping support for Python 2.7. If
libs are allowed to drop support for it *after* milestone 2 then
that doesn't leave much time before they're released at milestone 3
to stabilize or reverse course.

>  Phase-1: Dec 09 - Dec 13 R-22 Ussuri-1 milestone
>   ** Project to start dropping the py2 support along with all the
>       py2 CI jobs.

This is a milestone later than I expected, unless you mean they
should be done by this point. It's just about removing jobs, so
projects should be on the ball and do this quickly.

>  Phase-2: Feb 10 - Feb 14 R-13 Ussuri-2 milestone
>   ** This includes Oslo, QA tools (or any other testing tools),
>       common lib (os-brick), Client library.
>   ** This will give enough time to projects to drop the py2
>       support.

This leaves less than 2 months where libraries are allowed to
complete the necessary work before they get released for Ussuri
(remember the final release for libraries is at R-6, the week before
milestone 3).

>  Phase-3: Apr 06 - Apr 10 R-5 Ussuri-3 milestone
>   ** Final audit on Phase-1 and Phase-2 plan and make sure
>      everything is done without breaking anything. This is enough
>      time to measure such break or anything extra to do before ussuri
>      final release.

Libraries are released the week before this, so no, that doesn't
really provide any auditing opportunity.

I apologize, in retrospect I realize that the distinction between
"by" and "at" in English could be too subtle for a lot of folks to
pick up on, and I should have been more explicit in my original
Jeremy Stanley
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