[infra] Trying to reproduce an OpenStack CI run

Neil Jerram neil at tigera.io
Mon Oct 21 13:55:19 UTC 2019

I'm trying to reproduce an OpenStack CI run on a fresh Ubuntu Bionic VM,
like this:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y python-all-dev build-essential git libssl-dev ntp
ntpdate libre2-dev python-pip
sudo pip install virtualenv
chmod +x reproduce.sh
sudo ./reproduce.sh

The last line runs for a short while but then fails with:

Successfully built zuul PyYAML voluptuous PrettyTable ansible sqlalchemy
alembic cachecontrol psutil fb-re2 paho-mqtt ws4py Mako repoze.lru pycparser
Installing collected packages: pbr, six, python-dateutil, uritemplate,
urllib3, certifi, chardet, idna, requests, enum34, ipaddress, pycparser,
cffi, cryptography, jwcrypto, github3.py, PyYAML, pynacl, bcrypt, paramiko,
smmap2, gitdb2, GitPython, docutils, lockfile, python-daemon, extras,
statsd, voluptuous, gear, pytz, tzlocal, funcsigs, futures, apscheduler,
PrettyTable, babel, MarkupSafe, jinja2, ansible, netaddr, kazoo,
sqlalchemy, Mako, python-editor, alembic, msgpack, cachecontrol, pyjwt,
iso8601, psutil, fb-re2, paho-mqtt, contextlib2, more-itertools,
zc.lockfile, backports.functools-lru-cache, jaraco.functools, tempora,
portend, cheroot, cherrypy, ws4py, repoze.lru, routes, zuul
Successfully installed GitPython-2.1.14 Mako-1.1.0 MarkupSafe-1.1.1
PrettyTable-0.7.2 PyYAML-5.1.2 alembic-1.2.1 ansible-2.5.15
apscheduler-3.6.1 babel-2.7.0 backports.functools-lru-cache-1.5
bcrypt-3.1.7 cachecontrol-0.12.5 certifi-2019.9.11 cffi-1.13.0
chardet-3.0.4 cheroot-8.2.1 cherrypy-17.4.2 contextlib2-0.6.0.post1
cryptography-2.8 docutils-0.15.2 enum34-1.1.6 extras-1.0.0 fb-re2-1.0.7
funcsigs-1.0.2 futures-3.3.0 gear-0.14.0 gitdb2-2.0.6 github3.py-1.3.0
idna-2.8 ipaddress-1.0.23 iso8601-0.1.12 jaraco.functools-2.0 jinja2-2.10.3
jwcrypto-0.6.0 kazoo-2.6.1 lockfile-0.12.2 more-itertools-5.0.0
msgpack-0.6.2 netaddr-0.7.19 paho-mqtt-1.4.0 paramiko-2.6.0 pbr-5.4.3
portend-2.5 psutil-5.6.3 pycparser-2.19 pyjwt-1.7.1 pynacl-1.3.0
python-daemon-2.0.6 python-dateutil-2.8.0 python-editor-1.0.4 pytz-2019.3
repoze.lru-0.7 requests-2.22.0 routes-2.4.1 six-1.12.0 smmap2-2.0.5
sqlalchemy-1.3.10 statsd-3.3.0 tempora-1.14.1 tzlocal-2.0.0
uritemplate-3.0.0 urllib3-1.25.6 voluptuous-0.11.7 ws4py-0.5.1
zc.lockfile-2.0 zuul-3.2.0
+ cat
+ /usr/zuul-env/bin/zuul-cloner -m clonemap.yaml --cache-dir /opt/git
https://opendev.org openstack/devstack-gate
./reproduce.sh: line 112: /usr/zuul-env/bin/zuul-cloner: No such file or

Can you see what I'm doing wrong?

Many thanks,
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