[nova] Stance on trivial features for driver configs without integration testing

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 15:39:49 UTC 2019

This was brought up in the nova meeting today [1] as:

"Do we have a particular stance on features to the libvirt driver for 
non-integration tested configurations, e.g. lxc [2] and xen [3], meaning 
if they are trivial enough do we just say the driver's quality warning 
on startup is sufficient to let them land since these are changes from 
casual contributors scratching an itch?"

We agreed to move this to the mailing list.

We don't have tempest jobs for the libvirt+lxc or libvirt+xen 
configurations (Citrix used to host 3rd party CI for the latter) and for 
the changes referenced they are from part-time contributors, minor and 
self-contained, and therefore I wouldn't expect them to build CI jobs 
for those configurations or stand up 3rd party CI.

There are cases in the past where we've held features out due to lack of 
CI, e.g. live migration support in the vSphere driver. That's quite a 
bit different in my opinion because (1) it's a much more complicated 
feature, (2) there already was 3rd party CI for the vSphere driver and 
(3) there is a big rich corporation maintaining the driver so I figured 
they could pony up the resources to make that testing happen (and it 
eventually did).

For these other small changes are we OK with letting them in knowing 
that the libvirt driver already logs a quality warning on startup for 
these configs [4]? In this case I am but wanted to ask and I don't think 
this sets a precedent as not all changes are equal.

[2] https://review.opendev.org/#/c/667976/
[3] https://review.opendev.org/#/c/687827/




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