[all][ceilometer][aodh][[docs] Possible error in Stein's Aodh documentation and how to configure cpu_util and pass on value to Aodh

Rong Zhu aaronzhu1121 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 06:32:39 UTC 2019

Hi Gauri,

We received a lot of feedback about cpu_utils, And we had plan to add
cpu_utils back in U release.

Gauri Sindhu <sindhugauri1 at gmail.com>于2019年10月17日 周四14:20写道:

> Hi all,
> As per the Rocky release notes
> <https://docs.openstack.org/releasenotes/ceilometer/rocky.html>, *cpu_util
> and *.rate meters are deprecated and will be removed in future release in
> favor of the Gnocchi rate calculation equivalent.*
> I have two doubts regarding this.
> Firstly, if the 'cpu_util' metric has been deprecated then why has it been
> used as an example in the documentation
> <https://docs.openstack.org/aodh/stein/admin/telemetry-alarms.html> in
> the 'Using Alarms' section? I've attached an image of the same.
> Secondly, I'm using OpenStack Stein and want to use the cpu_util or its
> equivalent to create an alarm. If this metric is no longer available then
> what do I pass onto Aodh to create the alarm? There seems to be no
> documentation that to help me out with this. Additionally, even if Gnocchi
> rate calculation is to be used, how am I supposed to transfer the result to
> Aodh? I also cannot seem to find the Gnocchi documentation.
> Regards,
> Gauri Sindhu
Rong Zhu
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