[Octavia] Amphora build issues

Eric K. Miller emiller at genesishosting.com
Wed Oct 16 20:05:45 UTC 2019

Just an update on this.

It appears that the diskimage-create script is pulling the master
version of the Octavia amphora agent, instead of the Stein branch.

I took a closer look at the first error line:

2019-10-16 19:47:46.389 1160 ERROR octavia   File
y", line 89, in main
2019-10-16 19:47:46.389 1160 ERROR octavia
AmphoraAgent(server_instance.app, options).run()

and it references line 89, which doesn't exist in agent.py except in the
master branch.

I had cloned the Stein branch of Octavia here:
git clone -b stable/stein https://github.com/openstack/octavia.git

I will keep looking...


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