[nova] Which nova container service that nova/conf/compute.py map to

yu.chengde at 99cloud.net yu.chengde at 99cloud.net
Wed Oct 16 10:59:58 UTC 2019

  I have deployed a stein version openstack on server thought Kolla-ansible method. 
  Then, I git clone the nova code, and ready to do coding in " nova/nova/conf/compute.py"
  However, many of nova containers include this file. 
  So, I want to know that I should modify them all, or just pick a specific one.

[root at chantyu kolla-ansible]# docker ps | grep nova
05f72e539974        kolla/centos-source-nova-compute:stein                "dumb-init --single-…"   28 hours ago        Up 2 hours                              nova_compute
7393a7d566ee        kolla/centos-source-nova-libvirt:stein                "dumb-init --single-…"   28 hours ago        Up 5 hours                              nova_libvirt
9d8357cfa334        kolla/centos-source-nova-scheduler:stein              "dumb-init --single-…"   32 hours ago        Up 3 hours                              nova_scheduler
085b9da918df        kolla/centos-source-nova-api:stein                    "dumb-init --single-…"   6 days ago          Up 3 hours                              nova_api
b80e9503e93e        kolla/centos-source-nova-serialproxy:stein            "dumb-init --single-…"   6 days ago          Up 3 hours                              nova_serialproxy
c15d41823a22        kolla/centos-source-nova-novncproxy:stein             "dumb-init --single-…"   6 days ago          Up 3 hours                              nova_novncproxy
c30e47cd56c6        kolla/centos-source-nova-consoleauth:stein            "dumb-init --single-…"   6 days ago          Up 3 hours                              nova_consoleauth
b7d5e9ba1f11        kolla/centos-source-nova-ssh:stein                    "dumb-init --single-…"   7 days ago          Up 5 hours                              nova_ssh
3f81cd0a97ce        kolla/centos-source-nova-conductor:stein              "dumb-init --single-…"   7 days ago          Up 3 hours                              nova_conductor
[root at chantyu kolla-ansible]#

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