[tc] Status update on naming our next releases

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Mon Oct 14 10:14:54 UTC 2019


Following last week TC meeting, I took the action to summarize the 
situation and way forward of naming releases.

Naming our U release was a bit of a painful process, mostly due to the 
subjectivity of the process, combined with a difficult combination of 
letter vs. naming criteria. It triggered proposals to change the naming 
process and/or criteria, as we expect similar difficulties with the rest 
of the alphabet.

We did a first round of proposals that covered the V-Z part of the 
alphabet. A Condorcet poll was run to select the best options. The two 
best ones were then run in a new Condorcet poll against "keep things the 
same", and the result was a draw. It was a good indication that the TC 
membership found none of the proposals on the table was significantly 
better than keeping things the same, and therefore no change was effected.

That said, it does not mean we should stop proposing new models, as the 
current system is flawed: its subjectivity combined with a popularity 
contest creates problems, and its criteria (strongly tied to event 
locations) will not work well in the future as we work to reduce the 
number of global events we run while increasing the number of local events.

The way forward is as follows: proposals can still be made, but they 
should address "any foreseeable future". That means they need to explain 
how they will name the V-Z releases, but also how they will roll over 
past Z.

TC members should rollcall-vote +1 on those proposals if they think they 
are better than keeping things the same. They can rollcall-vote -1 on 
the proposals for which they think keeping things the same would be 
better. If one proposal gets a majority of votes (seven +1s), then after 
the usual grace period of 3 calendar days, it should be approved (unless 
a competing proposals gathers *more* positive votes in the mean time).

There is no deadline for proposing, even after one such proposal is 
approved. Those things can always be changed in the future. However I 
personally don't think we should change naming systems too often, 
because they are only fun if they become some sort of tradition.

We currently have three proposals up:

Cities with 100,000+ inhabitants, TC-only poll:

Vancouver, then words present in movie quotes about "release":

Vancouver, then cities with 100,000+ inhabitants, community poll:


Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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