[nova] rescue instances with volumes

Eugen Block eblock at nde.ag
Fri Oct 11 11:53:17 UTC 2019


with nova rescue you only get access to the root disk if it's an  
ephemeral disk.
If the instance is booted from volume you can shutdown the instance,  
reset the volume state to "available" and attach-status to "detached"  
with CLI (because you can't actually detach the root volume), then you  
should be able to attach that volume to a different instance.
Other volumes of the affected instance can be detached and re-attached  
with Horizon or CLI to another instance if you need them all for the  
rescue mode. But with this workaround you can't use the "nova rescue"  
command, so you have to revert all those attachments to the original  
state manually.


Zitat von Ionut Biru <ionut at fleio.com>:

> Hello guys,
> How do you guys rescue instances that are booted from volumes or have
> volumes attached to them?
> If i use nova rescue on instances booted from volume, api returns that it's
> not compatible and if i rescue an instance that has a volume attached, the
> drive is not available in the OS.
> --
> Ionut Biru - https://fleio.com

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