Networking-vpp 19.08.1 for VPP 19.08.1 is now available

Naveen Joy (najoy) najoy at
Thu Oct 10 23:26:25 UTC 2019

Hello All,
We'd like to invite you to try out Networking-vpp 19.08.1.
As many of you may already know, VPP is a fast user space forwarder based
on the DPDK toolkit. VPP uses vector packet processing algorithms to
minimize the CPU time spent on each packet to maximize throughput.
Networking-vpp is a ML2 mechanism driver that controls VPP on your control
and compute hosts to provide fast L2 forwarding under Neutron.
This latest version of Networking-vpp is updated to work with VPP 19.08.1
In this release, we've worked on the below updates:
- We've added ERSPAN support for Tap-as-a-Service (TaaS). Since ERSPAN provides
  remote port mirroring, you can now mirror your OpenStack traffic to a destination
  outside of OpenStack or to a remote OpenStack VM. This is a customized version
  of OpenStack TaaS. We will be working with the community to push our
  custom TaaS extensions upstream. In the meantime, you can access our modified
  TaaS code here[2]. For further info on installation and usage,
  you can read the TaaS-README[3].
- We've updated the code to be compatible with VPP 19.08 & 19.08.1 API changes.
- We've updated the unit test framework to support python3.5 onwards.

- We've added security-group support for Trunk subports.
  We've added support for neutron trunk_details extension.

- We've fixed some bugs in our Trunk and L3 plugins that caused a race condition
  during port binding.

- We've migrated our repo from OpenStack to OpenDev.

- A recent change in nova caused live migration to fail for instances with
  NUMA characteristics. We've found that this is a limitation in nova and
  not VPP/Networking-vpp. It is still possible to use live migration with
  VPP/Networking-vpp. Please refer to the README[1] for further details.

- We've been doing the usual round of bug fixes and updates. The code will
  work with VPP 19.08.1 and has been updated to keep up with Neutron Rocky
  and Stein.
The README [1] explains how you can try out VPP with Networking-vpp using
Devstack: the Devstack plugin will deploy the mechanism driver and VPP
and should give you a working system with a minimum of hassle.
We will be continuing our development for VPP's 20.01 release.
We welcome anyone who would like to come help us.
Naveen, Ian & Jerome

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