[cinder] Train release status

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Tue Oct 8 13:03:34 UTC 2019

You may have noticed that RC-2 was released yesterday.  We aren't
planning to do an RC-3 unless a critical bugfix is approved for
backport.  Here's the timeline:

- Now through Friday 11 October: RC-3, etc. are cut as necessary
- The "final RC" is whatever RC-n exists on 11 October
- The coordinated release date is 16 October
  * Any bugfixes caught after 11 Oct can be merged into stable/train,
    but it is up to the release team whether they can be included in
    the release.

Please do some exploratory testing on the tag (which right
now is the HEAD of stable/train).  If you find a critical bug, please
file it in Launchpad and tag it 'train-rc-potential'.  Also add it to
the etherpad:
and make some noise in #openstack-cinder so we are all aware of it.


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