[nova] Request to include routed networks support in the Ussuri cucly goals

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 22:18:23 UTC 2019

On 10/7/2019 3:19 PM, Sean McGinnis wrote:
> Is there a community-wide effort with this, or is this really just asking that
> Nova prioritize this work?
> The cycle goals (typically) have been used for things that we need the majority
> of the community to focus on in order to complete. If this is just something
> between Neutron and Nova, I don't think it really fits as a cycle goal.
> I do think it would be a good thing to try to complete in Ussuri though. Just
> maybe not as a community goal.

Miguel isn't talking about cycle wide goals. There are some proposed 
process changes for nova in Ussuri [1] along with constraining the 
amount of feature work approved for the release. I think Miguel is just 
asking that routed networks support is included in that bucket and I'm 
sure the answer is, like for anything, "it depends".

 From a wider governance perspective, if people interested in developing 
this feature were looking for an officially blessed thing, this would be 
a pop-up team.

[1] https://review.opendev.org/#/c/685857/




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