[nova] Request to include routed networks support in the Ussuri cucly goals

Miguel Lavalle miguel at mlavalle.com
Mon Oct 7 18:02:32 UTC 2019

Hi Stackers,

I want to request the inclusion of the support for Neutron Routed Networks
in the Nova goals for the Ussuri cycle. As many of you might know, Routed
networks is a feature in Neutron that enables the creation of very large
virtual networks that avoids the performance penalties of large L2
broadcast domains (
This functionality can be very helpful for large deployers who have the
need to have one or a few large virtual networks shared by all their users
and has been available in Neutron since very soon after the Barcelona
Summit in 2016. But it is really useless until there is code in Nova that
can schedule VMs to compute hosts based on the segments topology of the
routed networks. Without it, VMs can land in compute hosts where their
traffic cannot be routed by the underlying network infrastructure. I would
like the Nova team to consider the following when making a decision about
this request:

   1.  Work for Routed Networks was approved as a priority for the Ocata
   cycle, although it wasn't concluded:
   2. The are several large deployers that need this feature. Verizon
   Media, my employer, is one of them. Others that come to mind include
   GoDaddy and Cern. And I am sure there are others.
   3. There is a WIP patch to implement the functionality some of the
   functionality: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/656885. We, at Verizon
   Media, are proposing to take over this work and finish its implementation
   by the end of U. What we are requesting is Nova core reviewers bandwidth to
   help us merge the code

I will be attending the PTG in Shanghai and will make myself available to
discuss this further in person any day and any time. Hopefully, we can get
this feature lined up very soon

Best regards

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