[oslo][release][requirements] FFE: Support "qemu-img info" virtual size in QEMU 4.1 and late

Ben Nemec openstack at nemebean.com
Mon Oct 7 15:32:35 UTC 2019

Tagging with release and requirements as they need to sign off on this.

On 10/7/19 9:24 AM, Herve Beraud wrote:
> Hi,
> I request a late feature freeze exception (FFE) for 
> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/686598/ and 
> https://github.com/openstack/oslo.utils/commit/89bccdee95f81ddb54b427d6af172bb987fd7545 
> -- "Support "qemu-img info" virtual size in QEMU 4.1 and later". It will 
> fix an issue that can be blocking for users so it's can be really 
> valuable for operators, if we release it ASAP. They would be delighted 
> if it were included in Train.

I guess I'll reiterate my question from the review: Does this need to be 
in the initial Train release or can we backport it immediately after? 
Since qemu 4.1.0 released during the Train cycle I would argue that it's 
fair to backport patches to support it (I'm less sure about the stein 
patch, but that's a separate topic). If there are consumers of OpenStack 
who will take the initial Train release and not any subsequent bugfix 
releases then that would suggest we need to do this now, but I can't 
imagine anyone locks themselves into the .0 release of a piece of 
software and refuses to take any bug fixes after that. I'm open to being 
persuaded otherwise though.

> Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions. Thank you for 
> your consideration.
> Hervé
> -- 
> Hervé Beraud
> Senior Software Engineer
> Red Hat - Openstack Oslo
> irc: hberaud
> Kf31yCutl5bAlS7tOKpPQ9XN4oC0ZSThyNNFVrg8ail0SczHXsC4rOrsPblgGRN+
> RQLoCm2eO1AkB0ubCYLaq0XqSaO+Uk81QxAPkyPCEGT6SRxXr2lhADK0T86kBnMP
> F8RvGolu3EFjlqCVgeOZaR51PqwUlEhZXZuuNKrWZXg/oRiY4811GmnvzmUhgK5G
> 5+f8mUg74hfjDbR2VhjTeaLKp0PhskjOIKY3vqHXofLuaqFDD+WrAy/NgDGvN22g
> glGfj472T3xyHnUzM8ILgAGSghfzZF5Skj2qEeci9cB6K3Hm3osj+PbvfsXE/7Kw
> m/xtm+FjnaywZEv54uCmVIzQsRIm1qJscu20Qw6Q0UiPpDFqD7O6tWSRKdX11UTZ
> hwVQTMh9AKQDBEh2W9nnFi9kzSSNu4OQ1dRMcYHWfd9BEkccezxHwUM4Xyov5Fe0
> qnbfzTB1tYkjU78loMWFaLa00ftSxP/DtQ//iYVyfVNfcCwfDszXLOqlkvGmY1/Y
> B8qUJhBqJ8RS2F+vTs3DTaXqcktgJ4UkhYC2c1gImcPRyGrK9VY0sCT+1iA+wp/O
> v6rDpkeNksZ9fFSyoY2o
> =ECSj

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