[tc] monthly meeting agenda

Jean-Philippe Evrard jean-philippe at evrard.me
Thu Oct 3 19:58:16 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

Here's the agenda for our monthly TC meeting. It will happen next
Thursday (10 October) at the usual time (1400 UTC) in #openstack-tc .

If you can't attend, please put your name in the "Apologies for
Absence" section in the wiki [1]

Our meeting chair will be Alexandra (asettle).

* Follow up on past action items
** ricolin: Follow up with SIG chairs about guidelines 
** ttx: contact interested parties in a new 'large scale' sig (help
with mnaser, jroll reaching out to verizon media)
** Release Naming - Results of the TC poll - Next action

* New initiatives and/or report on previous initiatives
** Help gmann on the community goals following our new goal process
** mugsie: to sync with dhellmann or release-team to find the code for
the proposal bot
** jroll - ttx: Feedback from the forum selection committee -- Follow
up on https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/PVG-TC-brainstorming -- Final
accepted list?
** mnaser: sync up with swift team on python3 migration

Thank you everyone!



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