[nova][ptg] Ussuri scope containment

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 21:05:29 UTC 2019

On 10/1/2019 7:38 AM, Tom Barron wrote:
> There is no better way to get ones reviews stalled than to beg for 
> reviews with patches that are not close to ready for review and at the 
> same time contribute no useful reviews oneself.
> There is nothing wrong with pinging to get attention to a review if it 
> is ready and languishing, or if it solves an urgent issue, but even in 
> these cases a ping from someone who doesn't "cry wolf" and who has built 
> a reputation as a contributor carries more weight.

This is, in large part, why we started doing the runways stuff a few 
cycles ago so that people wouldn't have to beg when they had blueprint 
work that was ready to be reviewed, meaning there was mergeable code, 
i.e. not large chunks of it still in WIP status or untested. It also 
created a timed queue of blueprints to focus on in a two week window. 
However, it's not part of everyone's daily review process nor does 
something being in a runway queue make more than one core care about it, 
so it's not perfect.

Related to the sponsors idea elsewhere in this thread, I do believe that 
since we've expanded the entire core team to be able to approve specs, 
people that are +2 on a spec should be expected to be willing to help in 
reviewing the resulting blueprint code that comes out of it, but that 
doesn't always happen. I'm sure I'm guilty of that as well, but in my 
defense I will say I know I've approved at least more than one spec I 
don't personally care about but have felt pressured to approve it just 
to stop getting asked to review it, i.e. the squeaky wheel thing.




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