Re: [keystone][nova][barbican][neutron][cinder][tc][policy] Proposal for policy popup team⁩

yumeng bao yumeng_bao at
Thu Nov 28 06:20:18 UTC 2019

>> Please nominate Yumeng Bao (yumeng_bao at as the liaison with 
>> Cyborg team. She will contribute the spec. We have informed Howard of 
>> this.

> Thanks Sundar, I have replaced Howard with Yumeng as the liaison for cyborg.

> (Side note - the wiki can be edited by anyone, and I am tracking changes in it, so anyone may feel free to change their project liaison or add or remove team members and I will be notified of the change.)

> Colleen

Thanks Colleen for the update and the note reminder ! 
I will update the cyborg team progress on wiki paget later.


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