[kolla] kolla-ceph future

Michał Nasiadka mnasiadka at gmail.com
Thu Nov 28 09:33:21 UTC 2019


Ceph deployment functionality in Kolla-Ansible has been deprecated in Train (https://review.opendev.org/#/c/669214/1).

Given the fact that Ceph deployment was (and is) important functionality in Kolla-Ansible - I’d like to propose following steps:

1) Improve external Ceph functionality in Kolla-Ansible (configurable keyrings, users, improved documentation) - in progress now
2) Replace current kolla-ceph CI jobs with an equivalent using ceph-ansible (and possibly ceph orchestrator after Octopus is out around March 2020)
3) Remove kolla-ceph functionality in Ussuri release from Kolla-Ansible code base - or (if there are volunteers) extract it as a separate repository with a separate set of maintainers/core team.
4) (OPTIONAL) Find a volunteer to work on ceph-ansible/ceph-orchestrator existing deployment takeover functionality for ceph-kolla (current core team has no spare cycles to work on that)

Essentially this mail is a call for volunteers for 3) - if there is somebody that is interested in picking up the code and maintaining it - please speak up.
If there are none - we will start preparing for removing the code in 2020.

Thank you for your understanding in this not easy decision.

Kind regards,

Michal Nasiadka

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